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Our Interlaced Relationships
MOFA Endorsement

Emerging Markets know us.

And we know Emerging Markets

& the United States with an unrivaled intimacy. 

Our products & services are designed to grow

United States direct investment abroad (USDIA),

foreign direct investment and other forms of

capital into Africa & the Caribbean.

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ATIDI Endorsement
CIFF  Endorsement
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PACEID  Endorsement
ECOWAS  Endorsement

Board & Executive Management

Core Services


Morgenthau Stirling | Value 01.


To us, the concept of value-centricity suggests that we must be in a hurry to create and add value. In our case, value is created and added by meeting goals at multiple levels: at the individual level, our African diaspora staff will have to graduate into fully-functional cultural brokers.



Innovate & Advise

We advise on strategies such

as SEC-compliant private placement roadshows and strategic alliances between States, regional economic communities investment-grade development finance institutions, and private sector firms.


Partner & Connect

As the go-to experts on the

relationship between Africa, the

Caribbean, and the United States,

we link business entities on either side of the Atlantic Ocean with counterparts, policymakers & capital providers. 


Advocate & Convene

Our staff has coordinated conferences for African Union, COMESA, ECOWAS, UN, and USAID. We have also run training programs on the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA) and advocacy campaigns on socio-economic aspects.

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